Wavemaker Partners

We firmly believe in the power of numbers and networks and it shows in how we invest.We take a portfolio-building approach to early stage (Seed-Series A) investing. We believe that early stage investments are largely unpredictable and binary. That’s why we don’t mind making more bets that most other VC’s. We will usually start with a $100K-$200K check and follow on until $1M.We also take a co-investment approach. We will lead rounds when we feel we are in the best position to do so, but we usually like to bring in co-investors who can add value. Otherwise, we are happy to just follow and help out whenever we are asked.The combination of portfolio building and co-investment has enabled us to invest in 130+ companies and co-invest with 120+ early stage investors. These form a powerful network which supports pattern recognition, diligence, co-investment, customer acquisition and corporate development. The final piece we added to this was the entry of our Asian practice, Wavemaker Pacific, into the DFJ Global Network. With 15 member funds across 4 continents, we are able to provide our Asia-based founders with world-class access, insight and scale. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and affiliated with the investment bank, Siemer & Associates.