Sutter Hill

Sutter Hill Ventures has financed technology-based start-ups and assisted entrepreneurs in building market-leading companies since 1962. Through their decades of experience, they have developed strong industry networks, considerable operating and venture capital experience, and an understanding of the challenges that early-stage and high-growth companies face. They offer expertise in developing business strategy and partnerships, building management teams, and financing companies in both public and private markets.They are experienced operating executives who love building companies. Their approach is straightforward. They have a collegial and uncomplicated operating style that is direct and results-driven. They work as a team to respond quickly to new investment proposals and to their portfolio companies' needs. Once they invest in a company, they bring to bear their time, expertise, and extensive industry networks to help these companies succeed. Building companies is their top priority and their favorite occupation.They have structured Sutter Hill to allow them to invest in a focused portfolio of early-stage companies and build value for the long-term. They are always available to their CEOs and founders as advisors and mentors ready with practical and strategic advice from their own venture capital and operating experiences. They don't insist on winning every argument, but they will always tell you what they think. They also have a network of executives, advisors, and support infrastructure to help their portfolio get going in the right direction quickly. As former line managers themselves, they know the vision, energy and commitment that building a successful company requires. They strive to build partnerships with entrepreneurs that combine dedicated support from Sutter Hill with trust that the teams they back can make good decisions and execute on the details.Their limited partners have committed long-term support to their evergreen fund which allows them to make long-term commitments to their companies. In addition, a significant portion of every dollar they invest is their own money, and each one of them participates in every investment. This direct investment reinforces each partner's commitment to every company in their portfolio and ensures that they bring every available resource to bear in helping their companies succeed.