Metamorphic Ventures is a New York City based venture capital firm that invests in start-up and early stage technology businesses executing an investment strategy in a category we’ve coined Transactional Media. Transactional Media is the convergence and intersection between digital media, commerce, and infrastructure both online and offline.Metamorphic Ventures believes that vast new waves of innovation and business opportunity are on their way leveraging New York City’s strengths. We have now entered what we at Metamorphic Ventures call the “application layer” wave of technology. The application layer is based upon leveraging the vast connected computing infrastructure that was previously built, into useful applications for both consumers and businesses. As this continues to develop, domain expertise becomes both extremely relevant and critical to success. New York is the epicenter of a wide variety of major industries including financial services, payments, media, publishing, advertising, retail, fashion, sports, education, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and entertainment, amongst several others. Hence, New York City has a vast reserve of human capital that, when coupled with engineering talent and venture capital, creates a sort of “witches brew” for a very vibrant technology and startup ecosystem. Metamorphic funds these early stage businesses in sectors leveraging New York City’s strengths both here in New York and around the world.The partners of Metamorphic are experienced business builders and have gone through the emotional ups and downs of building a start-up, while bringing deep understanding and contacts within our sectors of focus. We seek to be great partners to our entrepreneurs helping them build their company to become a hypergrowth, profitable and strategically valuable company.