ENIAC Ventures

Eniac Ventures is the first independent seed stage venture firm investing exclusively in mobile technologies. Eniac Ventures was founded in 2009 on the belief that the greatest technological catalyst of our time is the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices providing constant connectivity to the majority of the world population. Eniac Ventures is named after the world’s first computer developed at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering, where the four general partners met in 1996.We are serial entrepreneurs and operators with over 60 years of combined experience in the mobile software space.We have advised and invested in 150+ mobile software startups.INVESTMENT PROFILEExecution Oriented Founders with a Remarkable Vision:We back exceptional founders with a strong product oriented mindset who are looking to build a large, sustainable enterprise. We require a technical co-founder to ensure the company’s ability to rapidly iterate on its quest for product market fit. We have to be convinced that the founders are in the business for the enduring process it takes to go from a startup to a hyper growth, world-changing enterprise. The key characteristic we look for is grit – the ability to forge through the inevitable painful cycles to becoming a dominant market player.Seed stage means a product has been built:We invest up to $600k at the seed stage and have the capital capacity for follow on investments. We will invest pre-launch, but very rarely do we invest before something is built with early usage data. We work tirelessly to get our companies to the next major milestone and we want to ensure that the team can execute on building the core team and product.Mobile is our mantra:As the first mobile-focused independent seed stage fund, we have a deep understanding of the mobile ecosystem. Our portfolio network of over 60+ companies has created meaningful synergies for mobile first startups, leveraging constant connectivity to the Internet beyond simply a mobile app. This includes consumer and business facing applications and platforms as well as devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, and the Internet of things. We will know if you are mobile first before taking a first meeting.