Baseline Ventures

Baseline addresses the gap between individual investors and institutional venture capitalists.Since its inception, Baseline has invested in more than 75 companies and helped more than 25 companies exit profitably for founders and investors alike. Baseline is proud to be a seed investor associated with the following highly promising companies:Instagram and Parakey (both acquired by Facebook)-Heroku, ExactTarget, GoInstant and CoTweet (all acquired by and GeoAPI (both acquired by Twitter)IndexTank (acquired by LinkedIn)Rupture (acquired by EA)Sendori (acquired by (acquired by Cisco)Aardvark and DocVerse (both acquired by Google)Yardbarker (acquired by Fox Sports)BookFresh (acquired by Sugar Media)Cake Financial (acquired by E*Trade)ScanScout (acquired by Tremor Media)StaxNetworks (acquired by Cloudbees)Hunch (acquired by eBay)Instructables (acquired by AutoDesk)Flowtown (acquired by DemandForce)OMGPop (acquired by Zynga)Xobni (acquired by Yahoo!)Metaresolver (acquired by Millenial Media)Stackmob (acquired by Paypal)